About Me

Born in New Mexico, raised in Arizona, and a Colorado girl through-and-through, the Southwest is home. I have always been an artist, and a year and a half ago began my academic studies in classical drawing and painting. It has been a dream of mine since studying conceptual art at the University of Colorado at Boulder to revisit my education and learn more traditional techniques and train my eye to capture the natural world in paint. It is both an intellectual pursuit and a passion project to become the best draftswoman and painter I can be, one day painting great American landscapes and elegant figures. I am humbled everyday in my studies and am only more and more enthusiastic of how much there is to learn and grow. Please follow me on my journey and reach out if you would like to know more about me, my professional experience, or just want to connect. 

Thank you for your interest in my work. 





2018 - present Grand Central Atelier

2016 - 2018 Barcelona Academy of Art (Classical Drawing)

2017 LARA London

2017 Scottsdale Artist School Academy

2004 - 2008 University of Colorado at Boulder

Artist workshops with: Sean Cheetham, Luca Indraccolo, Teresa Vito, Tim Reese